Lorenzo Bonaldi Award - 7th Edition

Edizione 2013/14

2013/14 edition

The 7th Edition of Lorenzo Bonaldi Award for Art – Enterprize – which supports the research of a curator who is under the age of 30 - has been won by Sam Korman, who presented the exhibition project Mississippi.

The jury comprised by:

Pierre Bal-Blanc – Director, CAC - Centre d'art contemporain de Brétigny, Brétigny 
Mirjam Varadinis – Curator, Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich
Giacinto Di Pietrantonio - Director, GAMeC, Bergamo
Stefano Raimondi – Curator, GAMeC, Bergamo

awarded Sam Korman's project with the following statement:

Sam Korman’s project convinced the jury in its coherency both on a conceptual and curatorial level. 
Using the metaphor of the mythical river Mississippi, the artist invites us to reflect upon important questions of our times, such as constant change and the notion of instability. 
Instead of creating an exhibition with a specific selection of art works, the curator invites three young American artists to use the exhibition space as their studio, one after the other. 

We are sure that this will be a stimulus for discovering a new territory, as it happened to Giacomo Costantino Beltrami, the citizen of Bergamo who, motivated by a huge passion, discovered the headwaters of the Mississippi River in 1823.
Sam Korman’s creative way of approaching the idea of an exhibition seemed to the jury very convincing in the context of a curatorial prize that right from the beginning aimed to bring in the city of Bergamo the most innovative and original curatorial practices.
We are sure that the project of Sam Korman is an experimental challenge and a great opportunity for the citizens of Bergamo and for the public of the museum to come closer and to be involved in contemporary art production.  

The exhibition will be staged at GAMeC in 2014.

The awards ceremony took place on October 28th, at the end of Qui Enter Atlas. International Symposium of Emerging Curators, during which 9 curators under the age of 35 have compared their personal experiences and theoretical and methodological positions.

Attachment: Exhibition proposals

– Sam Korman, vincitore della Settima Edizione
– L' ipotesi del Cristallo - Yoann Gourmel ed Élodie Royer
– Data recovery - Övül Dormusoglu
– The Log-o-Rithmic di Fredi Fischli e Niels Olsen

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