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  • The guitarist at sunset
  • Autumn leaves in a river
  • Sailing frame
21 March 2014 (All day) to 23 March 2014 (All day)

On the occasion of the festival Bergamo Jazz, GAMeC - Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo is pleased to present a concert by the famous drummer Joao Lobo and the video work of Mariella Guzzoni entitled Postcards in motion for Marc Ribot.

Joao Lobo
Solo Performance 
22.03.2013, at 17:00 

Solo performance of one of the most sought-after and innovative drummers of the new European jazz scene.

Mariella Guzzoni 
Postcards in motion for Marc Ribot
Portraits in Jazz video, 29:10 in 5 clips
21 - 23. 03.2013 

Postcards in motion for Marc Ribot is an imaginary video-journey that Mariella Guzzoni has dedicated to the guitarist Marc Ribot, who performed at the GAMeC at last year’s Bergamo Jazz. In the midst of these new landscapes, it is as though Ribot were playing in unexpected windows, in the solitude of nature that forms in the background. Ribot at sunset, in the twilight, at sea, between autumn leaves...Moving forms that evoke cubist guitars: veils and papiers collés, in their transparency, they look like evolving constructions.
There is no paper, card or glue, but vibration and resonance of sound and colour. The real presence of the guitarist deliquesces into vegetable or mineral forms. “Abstract art does not exist”, thus wrote Picasso in 1935.

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– Window from Tenerife
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