GAMeCinema meeting with the artist: KEREN CYTTER

4 July 2007 (All day)
— In collaborazione con:

Introduce: Alessandro Rabottini

Auditorium di Piazza della Libertà, Bergamo

On the occasion of the Keren Cytter first show in an Italian public institution, GAMeC presents GAMeCinema: meeting with the artist Keren Cytter. The event forms part of the review "Tracce straniere. Cinema dell'altro mondo" organised by LAB80. In the presence of the artist and of Alessandro Rabottini, curator of GAMeC, is presented a selection of videos, realized between 2002 and 2004: 

French film 
12 min., video digitale, colore, 2002

18 min., video digitale /8mm-b/n, 2003

Disillusioned love 2 
11 min., video digitale, colore, 2003

The Dates series: 17/8/04 
7 min., video digitale, b/n, 2004

The Dates series: 17/10/04 
7 min., video digitale, b/n, 2004

Full € 4,50
Reduced € 3,50 (for organizer's partners)

FREE bringing in the invitation of the exhibition Atmosphere

The Evening Performance precedes the opening of Cytter's solo show Atmosphere at the GAMeC in Bergamo, which will take place contemporaneously with the exhibitions opening dedicated to Giulio Paolini and Mario Finazzi, on Wednesday 5th April at 6.30 p.m..

Keren Cytter (Tel Aviv, 1977) works with videos that lie halfway between experimental cinema and art video. Her short films reinterpret cinema and television narratives, mixing their different styles. From documentaries to melodramas, sit-coms and romance, her works, whether presented individually or multiply in installations, question themes like interpersonal relationships, the mechanisms of memory and desire, the relationship between reality and fiction, and between the world of the media and the subjective sphere within each one of us.
Cytter lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlino. She has had several solo exhibitions, including at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 2004, the Kunsthalle in Zurich, the Frankfurter Kunstverein in 2005.