From 25 November to 6 December 2019 the Educational Services Area of ​​GAMeC will host an exhibition, small but precious, which will present to the City the result of the course that also this year the Educational Services of GAMeC promoted at the Bergamo District Prison.

The exhibition will present to the public 15 books made entirely by hand, produced by inmates, to be browsed for a limited time and to be listened to through the narrative voices of female students and students of the Vittorio Emanuele II State Technical and Commercial Institute of Bergamo, who have collected personally the stories of their authors.

Starting point of the project, a quote by the artist Luciano Fabro, present in one of the works exhibited in the Libera exhibition. Between Warhol, Vedova and Christo: “It could be assumed that every life has a meaning which would allow us to think that living is nothing more than coming to discover this sense and consequently if we do not complete this sense, it makes no sense to die”.

From this thought, which has become intertwined with the movable characters of an ancient tirabozza, with the idea that the press can take thoughts beyond the walls, and that the “mobility” of the characters is a metaphor for the dignity of the reflections developed by the prisoners, was born a series of meetings led by Rita Ceresoli, GAMeC Museum Educator, with the help of Damiano Fustinoni for the printing process, the support of Anna Maioli, Head of the treatment area of ​​the Bergamo Prison, and the indispensable presence of Claudio Breno, volunteer.

The project was made possible by the generosity of Angiola and Carlo Del Monte collectors.

The path taken this year marked a turning point in the history of the collaboration with the District Prison of Bergamo: for the first time, some prisoners were able to visit GAMeC and the Libera exhibition in person. Between Warhol, Vedova and Christo, thanks to the commitment of the Director Teresa Mazzotta who saw on this occasion an important training opportunity.

On Friday 6 December, on the last day of the exhibition, the LIB (E) RI training workshop will be held at the Educational Services Space from 17:00 to 19:00: the sense of a dialogue between museum, prison, school and territory. Training workshop between heritage pedagogy and citizenship education, which also provides for the return and the story of the path held in the Prison Center.