The artist Daniele Puppi (born in Pordenone in 1970, he lives and works in Rome) uses video installations almost exclusively as his expressive medium. He focuses on the obsessive repetition of a physical movement that is filmed and projected in the same exhibition space, thereby engaging the spectator in a novel and stimulating sensory experience.
His use of space, sound, and moving images analyze the current conditions for our way of perceiving reality in a contemporary landscape of electronic media, sensory stimuli, and cinematographic and stage experiences.

The one and only character-performer in all his video works, Daniele Puppi uses his own body as the device for investigation of space in all its manifold variety: as a field of action and visual surface, like a picture plane or psychological location. It is no accident that almost all the works he has produced thus far bear the title “Fatica” (Labor), together with a serial number to mark their chronological succession, highlighting how the artist perceives his own body in the scope of artistic practice, as a sort of technology for knowledge and experimentation.
On occasion of his one-man show at Eldorado, Daniele Puppi has created a video installation with soundtrack entitled “Perpendicolare” (Perpendicular, 2001): the dual projection of a hand bouncing a basketball frames the entrance to the room itself, reprising the circular route of the artist inside the gallery. A double vortex of sounds and images envelopes the spectator, impelling the spectator to look at his surrounding space in a new way, where new media blend with recollection of the Italian pictorial tradition, the history of video art, performance, and Minimalism.

After studying at the Fine Arts Academies of Venice, Bologna, and Rome, Daniele Puppi participated in important group shows at the Kunsthalle in Berne (1999), the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome (2001), and the Associazione Culturale Vistamare (Pescara, 2001). His special project for ELDORADO follows past one-man shows at the Galleria Franco Noero (Turin, 1999), Villa Medici (Rome, 2001), and the Galleria Massimo De Carlo (Milan, 2001). Daniele Puppi was one of the five finalists for the FURLA – Querini Stampalia Prize, an annual award in recognition of the merits and accomplishments of a young Italian artist.