After 66 days of daily live broadcasting on Instagram, Radio GAMeC turned into “Real Live”, a platform open to art performances and live talks.

From June 18th to July 23rd 2020, five evening appointments held in the GAMeC courtyard welcomed Nic Cester & The Milano Elettrica, Cristiano Godano, Andrea Pennacchi, Alessandro Sciarroni and Virgilio Sieni, accompanied by new voices of the city of Bergamo creating a narrative of new beginnings revolving around art and culture.

Watch the events here!

> Nic Cester & The Milano Elettrica
> Cristiano Godano
> Andrea Pennacchi
> Virgilio Sieni

Alessandro Sciarroni (Video unavailable)

Radio GAMeC Real Live started shifting the museum-audience interaction from a digital platform dimension to a tangible framework, instituting an open and safe space respectful of all health restrictions.

The stage for Radio GAMeC Real Live was the captivating Videomobile of the MASBEDO artist duo, originally created by Beatrice Bulgari for Fondazione In Between Art Film on the occasion of Manifesta 12 Palermo, consisting of an old 1970s OM van converted into a “video van”, a mobile location, a tool for narrative creations that may serve as a workshop space as well as stage for artistic performance.

The project was carried out thanks to the support of Club GAMeC, the cultural association founded in 2005 promoting and supporting Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo in spreading knowledge on the art of our time.