March-May 2020
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On March 20th, 2020, during the most critical days of the Coronavirus health crisis, while Italy was in total lockdown, Radio GAMeC, the live streaming platform of Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo went live for the first time.

Broadcasting “from the front”, Radio GAMeC set out to create a space where testimonies from one of the most hard-hit cities could be shared, while also cultivating a cultural discourse, keeping the narrative focused on the present context and on imagining a new future.

“During the lockdown weeks we thought long and hard about what a museum could and should do in such a critical moment for its community – underlines Lorenzo Giusti, Director at GAMeC. Our first initiative was to start a fundraising campaign to support Bergamo’s Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital to help the doctors, nurses and voluntary workers who fought so hard for us all in those tragic circumstances. But the role of our museum in Bergamo, at that stage, wasn’t only that of duly expressing a sense of closeness to its community but also that of helping the latter look ahead and start working to get back on its feet.”

Over two months of daily live broadcasts, the channel hosted 66 events welcoming more than 100 Italian and international guests representative of the worlds of art, culture, sport, politics, science, music and entertainment. Through this experience Radio GAMeC has given voice to the city’s grief, staying true to the solid relationship it enjoys with its community while also broadening its reach thanks to testimonials from around the world.

Radio GAMeC has been included in the UNESCO Museums around the world in the face of COVID-19 report as one of the world’s best museum projects developed during the lockdown period.

Concept: Lorenzo Giusti
In collaboration with: Lara Facco and Leonardo Merlini
Editorial staff: Lara Facco, Lorenzo Giusti, Leonardo Merlini
Host: Leonardo Merlini
Take Over: Ilaria Gianni, Nicolò Massazza, Alessandro Rabottini
In collaboration with: Francesca Battello, Roberto Bianchi, Simona Bonaldi, Paola Colombo, Claudia Santrolli

June-July 2020
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From June 18th to July 23rd 2020, five evening appointments held in the GAMeC courtyard welcomed Nic Cester & The Milano Elettrica, Cristiano Godano, Andrea Pennacchi, Alessandro Sciarroni and Virgilio Sieni, accompanied by new voices of the city of Bergamo creating a narrative of new beginnings revolving around art and culture.

Radio GAMeC Real Live started shifting the museum-audience interaction from a digital platform dimension to a tangible framework, instituting an open and safe space respectful of all health restrictions.

The stage for Radio GAMeC Real Live was the captivating Videomobile of the MASBEDO artist duo, originally created by Beatrice Bulgari for Fondazione In Between Art Film on the occasion of Manifesta 12 Palermo, consisting of an old 1970s OM van converted into a “video van”, a mobile location, a tool for narrative creations that may serve as a workshop space as well as stage for artistic performance.

Fondazione In Between Art Film is the studio that also produced a documentary on the city of Bergamo that was finalized by MASBEDO during the months that followed incorporating part of the footage that the artists had filmed during the Radio GAMeC Real Live events. 

The project was carried out thanks to the support of Club GAMeC.

October 2020 – February 2021
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From October 2020 Radio GAMeC experienced a new phase, with live broadcasting on the Radio Popolare FM frequencies thanks to a collaboration with the programme PopUp and in close connection with the exhibition Ti Bergamo – Una comunità.

Every Saturday, Alberto Nigro and Andrea Frateff-Gianni—the traditional hosts of Pop Up Live—with a mobile studio set on a camper van initiated an itinerant programme across some of the most iconic locations of Bergamo and its province establishing cultural connections with other Italian and international communities thanks to the participation of guests from Italy and abroad.

February-April 2021
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From February to April 2021 Radio GAMeC has been on Clubhouse.

Every day, from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 9:00 Lorenzo Giusti and Lara Facco welcomed several art world professionals engaging in open and participatory conversations on the current issues.

Radio GAMeC at this stage has returned to its original format: a daily appointment to share comments and experiences related to the year-long health crisis.

March 2022-Ongoing
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Radio GAMeC 30 is dedicated to institution’s key anniversary and in continuity with the dialogue-based identity that has always characterized it, making it an observatory over the changes that have shaped the last 30 years of history.

Starting from the point of view of personalities from the world of art and culture who have lived through the experiences of the last three decades first hand, with the aim of recounting aspects of a complex and changing reality, Radio GAMeC 30 proposes a journey in stages, guided by director Lorenzo Giusti and curator Ilaria Gianni.

From the birth of the worldwide web in 1991 to the fall of Kabul in 2021, passing through the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996 and Black Lives Matter in 2013, Radio GAMeC 30 presents a schedule of 30 appointments, one for each year, in a narrative marked by events that, for historical-political, technical-scientific, social or environmental reasons, have represented the opening of a new path or a fracture in a common path.