GAMeC presents a selection of photographs from its Lanfranco Colombo Collection, donated in 1994 by the founder of the Milanese gallery “Il Diaframma,” the first private gallery in Europe to choose, since 1967, to deal exclusively with photography.

The 85 specimens on display are accompanied by dedications to Colombo, and represent an incredible testimony to the intense exchanges and gratitude addressed to him by important Italian photographers and the many who have passed through the Via Brera gallery. Furthermore, they show a keen eye for the person: caught in his simplest, everyday, habitual attitudes, as well as in moments of fun and sociability, serenity, happiness or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, in dramatic and difficult moments.
The shots capture expressions of a diverse and multifaceted, yet at the same time resembling humanity.

On display are photographs taken by, among others: Letizia Battaglia, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mario Dondero, Mario Giacomelli, Pepi Merisio, Luciana and Ugo Mulas, Ferdinando Scianna.