The short film Silent Tear, which accompanies the exhibition Rachel Whiteread – …And the Animals Were Sold, documents the creative process that led the artist to conceive the exhibition project for Palazzo della Ragione.

Joe Juanne Piras, the director, follows and recounts the course of the stones that were used to build the sculptures, from their extraction sites to the workshops in which they were treated to become the artist’s works.

The sound that accompanies the short film adds another depth of significance by subtly evoking, on the one hand, breathing, which has become an essential part of our everyday lives in pandemic times, and, on the other hand, the silent world of the stones, an attempt to give them a voice.

The film is produced as part of MADE IN, the creative residency program of MADE: a project promoted by the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce and produced by Lab 80 film in collaboration with GAMeC, Museo delle Storie di Bergamo and Fondazione Legler for the economic and social history of Bergamo.

Silent Tear can be seen in its full version at GAMeC; an excerpt is presented at Palazzo della Ragione, on the occasion of the exhibition Rachel Whiteread – …And the Animals Were Sold.