GAMeC is staging a tribute to Giuseppe Milesi to mark the tenth anniversary of his death.
A generous and long-lived artist, he crossed the 20th Century devoting himself to painting, in which – with unique vitality – he explored the genres of landscape and still-life painting, though without shunning figure painting. In the Fifties and Sixties, at the height of his success he concentrated on a flamboyant series of canvases distinguished by restless brushwork lit by a violent palette that sets colours afire.

His images stand out against sumptuous red backdrops, resonating with warm sensuality created through colour.
About fifteen large works capture the spirit of this eccentric path, marked by the excellence of colour.
According to Gustave Moreau, ‘Colour must be thought, dreamt, imagined’. Through colour, Milesi replaced the principle of imitation with that of formal refinement, expressive immediacy and vital fullness.
The anti-academicism of the Roman School (Scipione and Mafai) and the internationalism of the expressionist culture (Nolde, Kokoschka) shaped his style. Nevertheless, in Milesi every dramatic exaggeration is destined to be muted in images – some visionary, others sensual – in which chromatic harmony defines each element.