The 10 th Edition of the Premio Lorenzo Bonaldi per l’Arte – EnterPrize, the major international acknowledgment dedicated to curators under 30, designed by the GAMeC in 2003 with the support of the Gruppo Bonaldi, and which first emerged from the desire to commemorate Lorenzo Bonaldi’s passion for art and collecting, has been won by Abhijan Toto for his exhibition project In The Forest, Even The Air Breathes.

The jury, headed by Lorenzo Giusti, Director of the GAMeC, and made up of:
Caroline Bourgeois, Conservationist, Pinault Collection, Venice
Nicola Ricciardi, Artistic Director, OGR, Turin
Li Zhenhua, independent curator, Berlin/Zurich

after having taken part in the presentation and discussion among all the participants in this edition and having examined the various competing projects presented by all the candidates, it was unanimously decided to award the Prize to the project In The Forest, Even The Air Breathes by virtue of the way in which it develops the
theoretical reflection around the theme of nature, viewed as a new form of transcultural cosmology in a curatorial approach which is both experimental and collective.

The project proposal, driven by a clear and sincere desire for research, is presented in an exhibition with a solid conceptual stance and a highly aware and well defined spatial vision. The selection of the artists, the result of a familiarity with their work and a genuine sharing of ideas, foresees an in-depth and fruitful moment of exchange with the territory, capable of rethinking the artistic practice from a systemic, ecological and universal perspective.

Ever since its foundation, the Prize has always aimed to underline the central role and the meaning of the figure of the curator on the international artistic panorama through the production of an original exhibition project, conceived on the basis of a given exhibition space and a fixed budget.
Since 2005, it has been held every two years, alternating the year in which it is awarded and that in which the winning project is implemented, now being coupled with a convention—Qui. Enter Atlas – International Symposium of Emerging Curators—dedicated to the updating of curatorial strategies both in the independent and institutional fields.

This year, the Prize format will be changed: the symposium has been replaced by a new series of exhibition projects which will be hosted in the Spazio Zero of the museum during the awarding year, curated by established professionals from the world of contemporary art.

For this first occasion, Edoardo Bonaspetti is the Guest Curator of the first solo show in an Italian museum by Luke Willis Thompson—shortlisted for the 2018 Turner Prize—on display from 30 May to 1 September 2019.

As well as Abhijan Toto, selected by Sebastian Cichocki, Chief Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Varsavia, the 10 th edition of the Prize saw the participation of the following curators:

Sofia Lemos, selected by Claudio Zecchi, independent curator, Italy/Portugal
Elisa R. Linne and Lennart Wolff, selected by Severin Dünser, Curator for Contemporary Art, Belvedere 21, Vienna
Aude Christel Mgba, selected by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Artistic Director, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin – Sonsbeek 2020

The name of the winning candidate was announced on the occasion of the opening of the new cycle of exhibitions to be held at the GAMeC.
The project will be hosted at the GAMeC in 2020.