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cureted by Nicola Ricciardi

First anthological exhibition dedicated to Christian Frosi (Milan, 1973), ten years after his withdrawing from the art world.
The exhibition itinerary presents for the first time together more than 30 works created in a little more than ten years of activity: works that have become iconic and other lesser known works, all articulated according to principles of precariousness, fleetingness, and evanescence, constant elements of his production.

curated by Sara Fumagalli, Valentina Gervasoni e A. Fabrizia Previtali

Conceived as a fluid display, The Impermanent Collection #3.0 welcomes a selection of more than 50 works that are part of the museum’s heritage, created by artists of various generations, from the 1990s up to the present day. The show explores themes that have spanned the history of art in the last 30 years while emphasizing, with periodic rearrangements, impermanence and impermanence understood as openness to new possibilities.

a cura di Lorenzo Giusti e Sara Fumagalli

The Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo hosts the most recent film and sound installation by Anri Sala (Tirana, 1974).
Projected onto a 16-meter long suspended screen, Time No Longer focuses on the image of a record player floating in a space station playing a new arrangement for clarinet and saxophone of Quartet for the End of Time by musician Olivier Messiaen. In the space, the darkness is interrupted by flashes of light that, following the rhythm of the music, activate an intense and evocative dialogue with the frescoes preserved in the Sala delle Capriate.