SFOGHI is an experiential artistic workshop for adults (from 16 years) in which participants value their creative soul and through which they can enjoy art in an expanded time.
Participants will be able to relate to some of the works exhibited in GAMeC and take part in simple performative moments, to talk about themselves and tell about them through the tools that visual art offers. All with lightness and depth.

The body is the privileged instrument through which to resonate with the space, with the works and the other participants.
We will propose graphic-pictorial and plastic experiments to fix the experience in a concrete form. Each meeting will close with a brief moment of sharing.

You can register for one or more appointments.

The project, conceived and led by Clara Luiselli, took shape in 2016 in collaboration with the GAMeC of Bergamo, where courses have been developed starting from the Collections and temporary exhibitions. The new edition is divided into Libera. Between Warhol, Vedova and Christo – The Impermanent Collection # 2 – which sees in dialogue some works of the GAMeC collections with a nucleus of prestigious works confiscated in Lombardy and managed by the National Agency for the administration of seized assets.

Each meeting will see the deepening of a single work or a limited selection of similar works so as to focus attention on a few significant elements.


1. Thursday 28 November from 17.00 to 19.00
Ettore Spalletti, Indivisible, Soft Pink, 1993 and Untitled, 1990.

A tribute to the great artist who died recently. Expand perceptive capacity through the experience of monochrome. Linger, give yourself time, learn to savor the pure forms and the vibrant chromatic surfaces.

2. Thursday 5 December from 17.00 to 19.00
Turi Simeti, Yellow Triptych, 1968, Enrico Castellani, Surface Opaline n.3, 1972.

Go towards, go beyond the flat surface, expand the space through the canvas’s extroflexion.

3. Thursday 19 December from 17.00 to 19.00
Christo, Empaquetage, 1963

To evoke, to allude, to suggest, to create an aura of mystery, to construct new layers of meaning through the action of covering, of covering the packaging.