“… the relativity of the gaze, the details to which we pay attention, the perception of reality …
Not the portrait of my dog, but the idea of ​​how it could be related to this ideal landscape towards the hills of Urbino.
On a clear day in April he looked at this landscape for a long time, still as it was his usual, with a steady, melancholy gaze ”.

With these words Francesco Gennari (Pesaro, 1973) describes the work Riccardo, the limited edition multiple he has created for his solo show at GAMeC – The storm is coming – which will be inaugurated on Saturday 26 October.

The proceeds will contribute to supporting the exhibition and the publication of the catalog, which will be available in the first few months of 2020. For this the work, accompanied by a frame in national walnut wood and published in 35 copies + 5 AP, can be purchased at the price special of € 500.00 + VAT.

The multiple is already available, by reservation, by writing to biglietteria@gamec.it