On the occasion of the exhibition Libera. Between Warhol, Vedova and Christo, which links the collections of GAMeC – Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo and an important nucleus of works of art confiscated in Lombardy and managed by the National Agency for the administration of seized assets , the museum offers the public the opportunity to participate in a series of exceptional free guided tours.

The appointments will be conducted by city professionals active in sectors related to the issues that the exhibition directly or transversally deals with.

Alessandra Donati, Professor of Legislation of the Art Market at NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and Ettore Tacchini, former member, were involved due to their competence on the issue of legal problems related to both seizures of assets and contemporary art.
For the media relevance that confiscations have in the artistic sphere is part of the “voices” Susanna Pesenti, a professional journalist who has always been attentive to legality, collaborator of L’Eco di Bergamo, while for the civic value of cultural heritage the name is that of Maria Grazia Panigada, artistic director of the Donizetti theater prose season, which this year brought the moving story of Pasquale Rotondi to the city.

The list of professionals is completed by three members of the Police Forces, fundamental for their precious collaboration and expertise: Marco Celvini, a young Official Student of the Guardia di Finanza Academy, and Roberto Frambrosi, President of the National Carabinieri Association – Section of Bergamo with Michele
Taddei, former Vice President of Assorestauro, Councilor of the National Carabinieri Association – Section of Bergamo, which often oversees, with volunteer activities, important city exhibitions.

With the collaboration of the Educational Services of GAMeC, each of the professionals will present an ad hoc itinerary to the public, linked to their personal interests; a unique and unpublished visit opportunity, which aims to “show” the true meaning of an art that is everyone’s heritage.

The appointments are made thanks to the support of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Bergamo.

Participants will have access to the exhibition with a reduced ticket (€ 3.00).