On the occasion of the last day of opening of Dancing Plague, the project curated by Panos Giannikopoulos winner of the 11th edition of the Premio Lorenzo Bonaldi per l’Arte – EnterPrize, on Sunday, May 29, from 4 to 6:30 pm, GAMeC will host performances by artists Konstantinos Papanikolaou and Michael Scerbo and Elisa Zuppini.

Inside the museum’s Spazio Zero, Konstantinos Papanikolaou (Thessaloniki, 1989) will present a lecture-performance titled The Diving Horse and Other Mythologies, which focuses on the performative body, subjectivity, historical re-enactment and personal recollection. The artist will show the audience selected photographs from his web archive depicting dances no longer danced, and will investigate these practices and their representation by reconstructing them in the current context.

This will be followed by the performance Intoxication, Acidity, Compression conceived by Michael Scerbo and Elisa Zuppini (Bolzano, 1995; Ascoli Piceno, 1990) in relation to the phenomenon of the Dancing Plague, the focus of the exhibition project.
For the occasion, the artists will present a bacchanal-inspired event that combines different formats – performance-conference, workshop, clubbing – and will guide visitors on an intense multisensory journey in constant dialogue with the exhibition space.

Limited seats
Free admission