From 18 May to 21 July 2013 GAMeC – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo is proud to host Confronti, a project that – as the title suggests – arose with the intent of comparing the artistic paths of four leading figures in contemporary art: Enrico Castellani, Dan Colen, Dadamaino and Piotr Uklański.

Through an overview of forty works, the exhibition traces and updates the research into abstract, kinetic and programmatic art that commenced in the late Fifties and matured in the Sixties, movements that have now been re-examined and reinterpreted. The exhibition extends from Dadamaino, who actively contributed to the artistic avant-garde movements with his geometric-perceptual research, developed in the composition of a visual alphabet of signs known as the alphabet of the mind, to Enrico Castellani, whose artistic and theoretical role as the founder of the journal Azimuth together with Manzoni, is deemed to be fundamental in the history of twentieth-century abstract art because of his ability to reduce the pictorial tradition to an impersonal and monochromatic zero level while using the same expressive media: canvas, paintbrush, colour.

The works of the two Italian artists, born in 1930, will be juxtaposed with those of Piotr Uklański (b. 1968), Polish by birth but a New Yorker by choice, and the American Dan Colen (b. 1979).
Uklański investigates the meaning of painting and the pictorial gesture; in his works the lesson of abstraction is united with the imaginary and the language of performing art and popular culture.
Colen embraces elements of the underground culture and, in particular, the punk movement of the Seventies: steel studs create movement on monochromatic canvases, which bridge object and painting, history and culture.

The exhibition will open on the occasion of the third edition of ARTDATE (17-19 May 2013).