From 12 June to 21 July 2013, GAMeC is pleased to present the fifth edition of Artists’ Film International, a project conceived by the Whitechapel Gallery in London, involving this year 15 international institutions all over the world.
As in the previous editions of this show, each institution has been asked to report an artist – or a group of artists – coming from its country, through a selection of works in which the use of moving images represents the key medium.

The artists and the institutions involved in the project for this edition are:

Einat Amir / New Media Center, Haifa
Neha Choksi / Project 88, Mumbai
Ana Gallardo / Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires
Murray Hewitt / City Gallery Wellington, Wellington
Kaia Hugin / KINOKINO Centre for Art and Film, Sandnes
Eric and Marc Hurtado / Cinémathèque de Tanger, Tangier
Bengu Karaduman / Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
Rahraw Omarzad / CCAA – Center for Contemporary Art Afghanistan, Kabul
Alix Pearlstein / Ballroom Marfa, Marfa
Marinella Senatore / GAMeC, Bergamo
Hong-An Truong / Hanoi DOCLAB, Hanoi
Nasan Tur / Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Video-Forum, Berlin
Jessica Warboys / Whitechapel Gallery, London
Morgan Wong / Para/Site, Hong Kong
Katarina Zoljelar / Belgrade Cultural Center, Belgrade

Again this year, the event hosts videos and films from a wide variety of cultural settings; a selection of what has now become a global medium – the video – with which artists recount their own reality as well as ours, using languages such as documentaries and fiction, and registers ranging from irony to social criticism.