The Palace of Reason (Il Palazzo della Ragione) is the title of a cycle of exhibitions curated by Lorenzo Giusti and mounted by the GAMeC in Bergamo in the venue of the same name, located in the center of the ancient Piazza Vecchia. The Palazzo della Ragione, which might even be Italy’s oldest city hall, was built at the end of the 12th century during the period that Europe’s first communes began to be established in the Holy Roman Empire. It took on this name in the 15th century, when, as part of the Republic of Venice, it began to be used for the administration of justice.

Reinterpreting the building’s ancient functions, since 2019 the Sala delle Capriate (Room “of the Trusses”) has been used by the GAMeC during the summer period to bring to the attention of the general public that usually throng Bergamo’s historic center to major contemporary themes through exhibitions or environmental installations by important international artists.

To date, the Palazzo’s first floor has hosted exhibitions of the works of Jenny Holzer (The Whole Truth, 2019), Daniel Buren (Illuminating the Space, 2020), Ernesto Neto (Mentre la vita ci respira. SoPolpoVit’EreticoLe, 2021), Anri Sala (Transfigured, 2022), and Rachel Whiteread (…And the Animals Were Sold, 2023).
The solo show of British artist Sonia Boyce, entitled Benevolence, is planned for 2024.