On the occasion of the exhibition Ti Bergamo – Una comunità, GAMeC renews its collaboration with Cesvi, the Bergamasque charity committed both in Italy and around the world to supporting the most vulnerable populations in the promotion of human rights and for sustainable development, and which, during the coronavirus emergency, stood out by setting up a major healthcare, social, and economic support program across our territory.

Thanks to the contribution of Santini Maglificio Sportivo, a T-shirt has been produced with the drawing TI AMO BERGAMO by Dan Perjovschi. Half of the profits made from the sales will be devolved to Cesvi to contribute to financing a major program dedicated to the promotion of projects for children in Bergamo, which foresees both scholastic and recreational activities; courses in positive parenting; training courses for professionals who deal with infancy and psychological support programs for children. The other half will cover the costs of the exhibition, admission to which will remain free of charge throughout the opening period.