Raffaello e l'eco del mito

Curated byA cura di M. Cristina Rodeschini, Emanuela Daffra e Giacinto Di Pietrantonio

27 January6 May 2018

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Photo: Francesca Ferrandi


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Sfoghi - Nuovi appuntamenti![Italian]

8 March22 March 2018 — Tags:

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Una notte al museo. Vietato ai maggiori di 12 anni[Italian]

14 April15 April 2018 — Tags: Educational Services


GAMeC per Domina Domna[Italian]

24 March24 March 2018 — Tags: Educational Services


2018: odissea nell'arte[Italian]

11 January6 December 2018 — Tags: Educational Services

Now ongoing:

Niente immagini.

Now ongoing:

L'Universo del cinema[Italian]

16 February24 March 2018 — Tags:

Now ongoing:

The collection

The Permanent Collection of GAMeC is divided into several main groups:

  • The Spajani Collection: among the 40 or so works donated by the collector, a large selection illustrates the broad course of Italian painting in the twentieth century, in particular the first half of the century.
  • The Manzù Collection: donated by Giacomo Manzù to his hometown, the collection ranges across the artistic career of this recognised twentieth-century European sculptor.
  • The Stucchi Collection: the collection's interest in the prolific research into abstractionism is represented by Atanasio Soldati, Alberto Magnelli and Luigi Veronesi. The works of a group of European artists document the radical linguistic transformation that was to influence an entire generation of post-war artists through the Informel.

Added to these, the Collection is enriched by paintings of masters of the thirties, including Sironi, and works by contemporary artists: Alviani, Basilico, Beecroft, Cattelan, Cucchi, Fabre, Man, Bonnet, Xhafa .

The assets of GAMeC is finally enriched by Contemporary Collection of medals donated by Vittorio Lorioli, by the Fund Nino Zucchelli and the Photographic Collection Lanfranco Colombo.



  • Giacomo Manzù, Sedia con elmo, drappo e lancia (1964)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Giacomo Manzù, Autoritratto (1958)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Alberto Burri, Catrame (1950)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Arturo Bonfanti, Composizione ingenua (Composition naive) (1959)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Umberto Boccioni, La cara Betty (1909)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Giacomo Manzù, Cardinale seduto (1980)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Enrico Baj, Omaggio floreale (1959)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Giacomo Manzù, Edipo (1978)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali
  • Giacomo Manzù, Amanti (1978)
    Fondo: Fund: Nuclei Principali

Educational services

"Art for All" is the keyword of Educational Services of the museum, that offer diversified offerings based on the principle of hospitality.
We want to be a place for discussion, exchange, analysis, cultural integration and social inclusion open to everyone: families, adults, teens, children, migrants, students, scholars, tourists and all those who are just curious.

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