The opening of the exhibition The Impermanent Collection #3.0 provides the first opportunity to present to the visitors of GAMeC four video works by Roberto Fassone, Beatrice Favaretto, Riccardo Giacconi, and Caterina Erica Shanta that are now being added to the Collection.

An edition of the works by the winning artists of the Artists’ Film Italia Recovery Fund has been donated to the museum in order to support an institution in the area most affected in Italy during the early phase of the pandemic.

The project Artists’ Film Italia Recovery Fund, conceived and curated by Leonardo Bigazzi and promoted by Lo schermo dell’arte, in fact emerged during the first lockdown to support young artists; financed through a crowdfunding campaign; it has since seen institutions, curators and collectors working in synergy to support the initiative.
The video projections will be hosted until March 20, 2022.

Roberto Fassone (Savigliano 1986), Pas De Deux/Pas Seul, 2021,20’21’’/20’23”

The film is conceived as a surreal choreography and exists in both a single-channel and dual-channel version. Stolen images, YouTube videos, archival footage, and 3D renders tell the unfolding of a psychedelic journey in four chapters. A continuous flow that passes through upside-down forests, poems by Yoko Ono, colorful tennis matches, short documentaries, vampires, and crystals.
The film is produced in collaboration with Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio | Project Prendersi Cura.

Beatrice Favaretto (Venezia 1992), The Pornographer, 2021, 12’

The video was born within the Berlin post-porn scene thanks to the collaboration with the director and trans feminist activist Emy Fem. The artist has worked on the set of Fem’s last film and from this experience has produced the work The Pornographer in which an abstract tangle of bodies with fluid and indefinite sexuality becomes an invitation to confront our limits by welcoming the value of diversity.

Riccardo Giacconi (S. Severino Marche, 1985), Diteggiatura, 2021, 18’

The film narrates a year spent by the artist in Atelier Colla, the largest and oldest puppet company in the world active for over three centuries, showing the rituals of a community called to accompany the existence of these anthropomorphic objects. The images are accompanied by the voice of the actress Silvia Costa who interprets a text written by an artificial intelligence.
The film is made in collaboration with Andrea Morbio and the Carlo Colla & Figli Puppet Company, and coproduced by Slingshot Films.

Caterina Erica Shanta (Landsthul, 1986), Talking About Visibility, 2021, 31’24’

The film is the result of a collective film workshop the artist held in Turin, Italy, involving refugees and people with a migrant background. Together they began to weave a story that has its roots in the films each of them loved during their childhood. In the video, cinematographic memories dialogue with scenes filmed in the city, the place where we live together today.
The film is produced in collaboration with Artissima and Torino Social Impact.