Educational department

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GAMeC Educational Department - presentation


“Art for all” is the watchword at the basis of GAMeC’s Educational Department, that has been working on the territory over the last twenty years with diversified projects all based on the principle of integration.

The Museum intends to be a place of encounter and cultural exchange open to all the community, offering an intense calendar of educational activities for schools, groups and families: workshops, free guided exhibition tours, the original “inspired” tours, projects for the visually impaired or disabled, courses, conferences, debates, workshops, performances, and collateral events.

GAMeC Educational Services, the most exclusive among the services offered by the Gallery, offer guided tours in Italian and several foreign languages: English, French, German, Albanian, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, Bosnian, Rumanian, Czech, Serbian, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Spanish and Urdu.

The quality of the projects and the work of the staff, as well as the attention devoted to children, have been awarded in 2006 the “Il Grillo” - the Infancy High Quality award.