Starting from June 18, the windows of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e
Contemporanea di Bergamo that looks onto Piazza Carrara will be
turned into a public screen hosting a selection of artists’ videos.

Five appointments with ten international artists will be held, exploring
the links between art and education.

Every Thursday, in correspondence with a new evening of Radio GAMeC Real Live, a new element in the series will be presented to the public, which will be visible from the outside of the museum for the whole week.

Bergamo, June 16, 2020 – Starting from Thursday June 18, the GAMeC di
Bergamo presents Education through Art, a series of artists’ videos curated by Paola Nicolin, projected directly from the windows looking onto Piazza Carrara.

Ten Italian and international artists— Salvatore Arancio, MASBEDO,
Marinella Senatore, Basir Mahmood, Diego Marcon, Rebecca Digne,
Keren Cytter, Stefano Tsivopoulos, Lili Renaud Dewar, and Sislej
Xhafa —will provide their own visions as part of a program dedicated to the relationship between art and education, and to the idea of school as a place in which to reason on proximity, on human relationships, and on the
construction of new historical-identitary paths.

The window of the space usually dedicated to the activities of the Museum’s
Educational Services will thus become a public screen accessible directly
from the street, a sort of lightbox that will feature the artists’ works, over five appointments structured around five school subjects—the Natural
Sciences, Social Sciences, Psychology, History, and Physical Education—coupled with the corresponding keywords Fragility, Community,
Expectation, Truth, and Body.

Every Thursday, from June 18 to July 23, during a new evening of Radio
GAMeC Real Live, the window will present the public with a new section of Education Through Art consisting of two artists’ videos which will be
visible throughout the week from outside the Museum.

The event addresses the possibility of looking at the culture of moving images as a rich heritage of ideas and reflections on our time, the consulting of which may deepen our interests, our passions, and our obsessions.

The works of Salvatore Arancio and MASBEDO will introduce the
reflection on Natural Sciences and Fragility. Social Sciences and the
Community will be the topics addressed by Marinella Senatore and Basir
Mahmood. Psychology and the dimension of Waiting and Suspended
Existence will feature in the works of Rebecca Digne and Diego Marcon. A
new sense of History, of Truth, and of the structure of narrative will emerge from the videos by Keren Cytter and Stefanos Tsivopoulos. Last but not least, the exploration of Physical Education and the role of the Body as a vehicle for the art of movement and gesture that generates identity and new relationships will conclude the exhibition with works by Lili Renaud Dewar and Sislej Xhafa.

No more than blurred horizons, these subjects are not at all intended to be
interpretative categories of the work of the artists, but to reaffirm its aesthetic- formal qualities together with the ability to read and make an acute, early, and effective diagnosis of a phenomenon such as school and the processes adopted in the construction and distribution of knowledge.

The selection of videos, curated by Paola Nicolin, is taken from the
collections of the GAMeC, of the SevenGravity Association, and of the In
Between Art Film archive collection of Beatrice Bulgari.

GAMeC thanks Sangalli Tecnologie Srl for its support.