The work is an attempt to certify the artist’s presence in the world. It is still an open question that doesn’t want to give easy conclusions. PALESTRA becomes a microsystem inside the macrosystem of the inner courtyard of GAMeC.

The glass structure makes the communication with the outside easier. The artist is immaterial but present. The operation has a conceptual and a social aim. I am trying to uniform the inner temperature of PALESTRA with the outside temperature through 2 air conditioner. I am trying to radicalize both the inner and external conditions. I am looking for a connection. To get the inner space colder is a purpose that sometimes succeed and sometimes fails depending on the outside temperature. Anyway, the artist will try to “fit in”, to suite the space, to adapt herself. Self-portrait as a young artist is a social work, not at all didactic: the outside space and its condition (the cold) are the starting point with which the artist has to cope with.