Universal Exhibition – Art standing the Test of Time, the show curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Director of GAMeC – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, and hosted in the halls of the museum from April to July 2009, moves overseas, to Fundación PROA of Buenos Aires, from September 19th, 2009 to January10th, 2010.

The exhibition project confirms the concept developed for GAMeC: six centuries of art history in a winding path that includes about 90 works, divided into eight sections: Universal Exhibition of Power, Universal Exhibition of the Everyday, Universal Exhibition of Life, Universal Exhibition of Death, Universal Exhibition of the Mind, Universal Exhibition of the Body, Universal Exhibition of Hate, Universal Exhibition of Love.
Works lent by many public and private collections, and by one of the most important museums of ancient art in Italy, the Accademia Carrara of Bergamo, whose heritage is once again the starting point of the expository maze.

The works of Agostino Carracci, Guercino, Palma il Giovane, Tiepolo and Veronese, are confronted with works by Christo, Marcel Duchamp, Giorgio De Chirico, Gino De Dominicis, Jimmie Durham, Gilbert & George, Maria Lai, Giorgio Morandi, Marisa Merz, Luigi Ontani, Jeff Wall, Gilberto Zorio, Mario Airò, Stefano Arienti, Simone Berti, Margherita Manzelli, Pietro Roccasalva, Ben Vautier, among others.

Universal themes treated over the centuries by the ancients, the moderns and contemporary artists; different periods confronted in order to test the methods for representing and presenting eternal arguments, always treated differently, and to outline the influences and connections of the past on the present and vice versa.