The fertile intersections between the visual arts and cinema are an interdisciplinary area in great turmoil, which marks the contemporary artistic production and favors the birth of cultural events and manifestations. Many art museums, especially abroad, have opened departments dedicated to the “seventh art” and more and more often cinematographic works are present in the exhibitions of temporary exhibitions.

The entry into the collections of the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Accademia Carrara of the Fondo Cinematografico Nino Zucchelli, donated by Lina Zucchelli Valsecchi, highlighted the need to confront a new sector of activity and to acquire the skills for conservation and the enhancement of donated films.
Essential for the cultural and technical management of film materials was and will be the collaboration with Lab 80 Film, an association also known outside the city limits for the experience and quality of cultural work.

The exhibition War Is Over 1945-2005 The freedom of art, which took place at GAMeC from October 2005 to February 2006, was the test bed of the GAMeCinema project, which intends to propose a cinematographic programming in the exhibition activity of the GAMeC to open the spaces of the museum to the cinema: the path of the exhibition presented, in addition to the rich selection of works of art, the film Guernica by Alain Resnais, one of the most beautiful art documentaries in the history of cinema; in addition, during the opening months of the exhibition two exhibitions of short films, films and art documentaries linked to the exhibition were organized, proposed within the programming of Lab 80 – Alasca Foundation at the Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà in Bergamo.